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The Sedbergh Economic Partnership (SEP) is a collaboration of representatives from local businesses, groups, organisations, and public agencies working together, as stakeholders, to help deliver long-term economic success of Sedbergh.


This website provides information on the work of the SEP, the people involved, key priorities, current actions, economic baseline information, various studies relating to Sedbergh and relevant news items.

SEP Mission

  • To facilitate and support the delivery of economic growth for Sedbergh as defined in the 2021 Sedbergh Framework for Growth.

  • If you seek any further information please contact us.

SEP Priorities 

  • Facilitating more housing.

  • Improving connectivity (transport and infrastructure).

  • Supporting the vitality of Main Street.

  • Growing new business and networks.

  • Promoting Sedbergh as a place to work and visit.

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